At Kelly Global Logistics Inc., our licensed, professional import team has vast years of experience to help your goods move expedite through the U.S. Customs process.

All merchandise coming into the United States must clear U.S. Customs and Border Protection and is subject to Customs duties, unless specifically exempted by law. Clearance involves a number of steps, which include inspection and appraisement.

Customs law may require that duties be paid on goods entering the country according to its official classification from a tariff schedule. A surety bond is required, and some types of goods must meet admissibility standards with proper permits secured in advance by the importer.

Our full time compliant staff provides consulting services within all Customs related issues. We can offer on site Custom compliance seminars as well as handle any (CF28, CF29) aw request for information providing direction, and assist with obtaining the necesary documents to ensure immediate approval.

A KGL representative will find out from you whether you need door-to-door forwarding service, U.S. Customs clearance, or both.

We’ll contact our worldwide network of agents to work with your foreign contact to ship the merchandise properly.

We’ll prepare the bills of lading, organize forwarding, handle the U.S. Customs clearance, tariffs and duties, and any related fees. If there's a problem, we’ll know what to do to resolve it.

Our list of import services

Application for Importer ID: We will provide this to you for Customs.

Continuous Bonds: Each importer must be bonded, so that the U.S. Government is assured it will receive its duty fees. Frequent shippers often prefer to have a continuous bond to cover all shipments, which we be can arranged.

Customs Examinations: Sometimes U.S. Customs and Border Protection randomly select merchandise for examination. We arrange to get it to the exam site, and handle the examination charges, which the importer reimburses.

FDA, USDA Processing: We handle required prior notice, documentation and samples they may request.

Reconciliation Program Management: Reconciliation allows the broker to flag importer entries for later review. Importer reviews information and files one corrected reconciliation entry for all flagged entries, making one payment or receiving one refund from CBP

Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) Compliant: Periodic Monthly Payment and Importer Account Summary Statement capable for importers that have joined this beneficial program that gives up to thirty (30) days credit for duty payments.

Domestic and International Freight: We have established relationships with the most reliable trucking and document delivery services.

Personal Effects Entry: We provide this service typically for people who have been living overseas and who want to bring their goods back to the U.S.

Specialized Classification: Our experts will know which category your goods fall under.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Processing: Expert guidance on regulations, tariffs, duty rates and problem-solving. We use the electronic ABI system for efficient and accurate processing.

Information and Technology

One of the greatest strengths of Kelly Global Logistics Inc. is our Information Technology Team. A key element of our success over the years has been our ability to create highly sophisticated customized IT solutions for our clients.