As one of the first logistics providers to begin offering this (then) new technology. Kelly Global Logistics, Inc. rapidly forged partnerships with companies in the consumer packaged goods, retail clothing, shoes , construction material, medical products, food stuff, mining equipment and consumer electronics, providing technology-driven logistics services.

Yet the company’s leadership knew that their ultimate success would rest on knowing just one thing: how to treat a customer.

So they decided to keep Kelly Global Logistics, Inc. from growing too large, because large companies tend to see their customers as invoices to be billed, rather than people to be served. They decided to service all corners of the world, especially those smaller regions that the bigger companies overlook, because they understood that business opportunities exist everywhere.

Most importantly, they decided to be exactly what their clients needed them to be – flexible, adaptable, and always listening – because informing clients they must use your system to go about their business is really just telling clients how to do their business.

Since the beginning, Kelly Global Logistics, Inc. has stuck to these principles, and the value of those principles has been proven time and again in the company’s success. Kelly Global Logistics, Inc. now handles shipments to and from scores of countries around the world. And yet, a phone call will be answered by a real person – better yet, a person who knows your name.

That’s the Kelly Global Logistics, Inc. difference: big-time expertise with mom-and-pop customer service; a global reach with a local flavor.

Kelly Global Logistics, Inc. can do everything you need a logistics company to do, and everything you never thought it could.

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